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  • 3D Site Surveying

  • Base Flood Elevation Survey

  • Building Elevation Survey

  • Flood Plain Analysis and Studies

  • LOMA Requests

  • LOMR-F Requests

  • Elevation Certificates

  • Supporting Exhibits

  • Review of FEMA/FIRM Maps

  • Site and Building Photographs

  • Flood Protection Analysis
Flood Plain Services

flood plain servicesWe are committed to helping you take control of your investments by keeping you aware of changes that will affect your property. To keep your insurance costs down, we offer the engineering and surveying services required to prepare elevation certificates to reduce insurance rates.

Our team prepares the forms and exhibits needed for LOMA or LOMR-F certifications, which may exempt your property from strict development codes now and in the future. We work with you to provide honest feedback on your property's situation in regard to flood plains and base flood elevations. We have experience in analyzing properties with survey and engineering to correctly identify properties that would benefit from an elevation certificate, or a LOMA or LOMR-F certification.

Our team also assists in determining and understanding the potential risks posed to property by natural disasters and what steps can be taken to diminish those risks. The team prepares comprehensive disaster analyses for sites, including complete site and building feature inventories, disaster response maps, property protection procedures, and complete response plans for earthquakes, flooding, fire, and loss of power. The team works with you to develop steps and strategies that can be put into practice right away to protect your assets.

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